What we did?

Our Flutter team handled development of mobile and web clients for banking application, beside deployed to both stores app also available as web version. Complicated behavior, 60+ screens, authentication using clients custom auth system and biometrics using Entersekt. KYC and transactions authorization using biometrics and OTP. Push notifications, long-polling, multi-language UI, flavors for builds for several API and settings configurations. For models and BLoC components generation used Freezed code generation. Many custom widgets and two themas for Material UI 2 Kit. Micro animation and optimized rendering makes app user experience smooth, clear and stressless.

Application utilizes Flutter 3.* , BLoC, RxDart, FireBase stack, Entersekt KYC, Material UI etc.

Our Team

The result

Mobile applications published to both Apple AppStore and Google Play Market, web client hosted by clients.

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If you plan to build non-standard software system please consider us as a vendor. We traditionally good with complicated solutions designing and implementing, improving existing systems with better mathematical and programming approaches via looking on your problem at new angle.

We are good and experienced in various kinds of IoT systems, in-door positioning and way finding, systems with mobile clients and web applications using geo-location and secure user data. As well as with solutions for real estates sector, collecting and updating listings data via REST protocol. POS systems, restaurant managing solutions with mobile clients are also our realm. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us, even if you don't have a project yet but want to chat about technology - we are always open!

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Get in touch

Get in touch

Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Sales)


Eckenheimer Schulstraße, 20

+38 (098) 630-49-85


Kharkiv, Ukraine (Development)


Trinklera street, 9

+38 (050) 908-31-07


Burgas, Bulgaria (Development)


бул. „Транспортна“ 15, Northern Industrial Zone

+359 877 350129