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We provide full-circle software solution services: we help our clients to indicate how they can improve their business with digital technologies, design the solution and building development roadmap showing how this solution will gain flesh and blood.

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Android Development Team
Android Development Team

We are proud of our biggest team, the Android Developers. Experiences with both Java and Kotlin, following Google Material Design practices, using RxJava, dependency injection, familiar with CI/CD setup, learning new features and approaches everyday.

Very good with in-door positioning and other IoT branches and standards. Passionated early adopters and very attentive to the details team. We're constantly looking to engage new talented members into our Android Team, if you're looking to become it's part, please send your CV to info[at]a5.ua of get in touch in any other way.

Backend Team
Backend Developer

Our Backend Team build solutions using Java, NodeJS (JS/TS) and Solidity.

We can build backend solution for almost any kind of a system, many projects previous were made with Java Enterprise, Play! etc., recently we build mostly with NodeJS various microservice-based solutions in field of NFT and Cryptocurrency Marketplaces, dApps etc. Main language for smart contracts is Solidity.

iOS Development Team
iOS Development Team

Our most innovative team - iOS Development Team. Drinking gallons of coffee, watching Apple's keynotes at night, and trying new features the next day. Great with Swift and Objective C, experienced with all the KITs you can imagine, WatchOS- yes, AppleTV- yes, Siri - yes, sure!

Would you like to have fun all day long and fight against the Android team near the cooler? Join our iOS team, we are always looking for the hungry and foolish ones! Send your CV to info [at] a5.ua or use the contact form on site.

Flutter Development Team
Flutter Development Team

Our youngest team, the Flutter Mobile Developers. Risky and confident people who are fine to take responsibility and dedicate themselves to cutting edge technology. Doing things no matter what and how - that's the moto. We can do non-trivial things like text recognition, translation, ML, native libraries added to flutter projects, AR, and many others. We are proving that Flutter is suitable not only for pet projects such as booking bikes, etc. any longer. It is already available as a fully functional, rapidly improving technology with a very healthy community. It's here for at least the next decade to defeat the ReactNative, Cordova, and other dead evolutionary branches.

If you are an experienced flutter developer looking for new opportunities or have experience with native platforms and would like to try new technologies, please consider joining us as an option. Send your CV to info [at] a5.ua or contact us using the form on site.

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Some of our teammates are Ph.D. students and company was initially created to give ability for talented young fellows combine science and software development. So we are ready to exchange flexible working hours for clever solutions of the bright mind.


Our major passion is developing pixel perfect, purfectly tested mobile applications for major platforms with native languages and cross-platform frameworks. Over 100 success stories, big and small, but equally important for us and equally appreciated but our valued customers. We apply cutting-edge technologies and approaches for delivering great experience to our clients.

Get in touch

Get in touch

Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Sales)


Eckenheimer Schulstraße, 20

+38 (098) 630-49-85


Kharkiv, Ukraine (Development)


Trinklera street, 9

+38 (050) 908-31-07


Burgas, Bulgaria (Development)


бул. „Транспортна“ 15, Northern Industrial Zone

+359 877 350129