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Some of our teammates are Ph.D. students and company was initially created to give ability for talented young fellows combine science and software development. So we are ready to exchange flexible working hours for clever solutions of the bright mind.


Our major passion is developing pixel perfect, purfectly tested mobile applications for major platforms with native languages and cross-platform frameworks. Over 100 success stories, big and small, but equally important for us and equally appreciated but our valued customers. We apply cutting-edge technologies and approaches for delivering great experience to our clients.

Get in touch

Get in touch

Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Sales)


Eckenheimer Schulstraße, 20

+38 (098) 630-49-85

Kharkiv, Ukraine (Development)


Trinklera street, 9

+38 (050) 908-31-07

Burgas, Bulgaria (Development)


бул. „Транспортна“ 15, Northern Industrial Zone

+359 877 350129