Developing B2B and B2C Mobile Applications

Developing B2B and B2C Mobile Applications

Our passion starting year 2012 is developing B2B and B2C Mobile Applications for iOS and Android with native technologies. Recently we also provide cross-platform development services using Flutter framework and Dart language.

Full-Circle Project Outsource Services

Our clients trust us with the entire project process: starting with domain knowledge and requirements collecting, through the system and solution design, to the implementation, testing and market approbation.

Java Enterprise Development Outsource/Outstaff

Java Enterprise Development Outsource/Outstaff

Our Java experts will help you enforce your Enterprise team, solve non-standard problems, give a feedback on design solutions etc. Spring is not always the answer! 

Machine Learning and IoT

We provide services for developing solutions in IoT field as well as requiring Machine Learning approaches. Projects with image and text detection and recognition, different kinds of sensors usage, system behavior prediction etc.

IT consulting

Since 2012 we've mastered a clear understanding of identifying and solving ways of automation, managing, security, document flow and other kinds of problems which business facing and which IT can solve. Rely on our experts in-hands experience and bright minds 

Discover our latest cases

Mobile development
Ukrainian Pod

We are proud to present the application for all who are learning Ukrainian as a foreign language!  And say you our Ukrainian "Thank you" - дякуємо!

Mobile development
Watch4af mobile
Watch4AF in HCM

We are proud of participating in a study which aimed to save life!

Mobile development

System to help your professional growth: helps customers give and workers collect instant and honest reviews of the services offered.

If you're a worker: 

Mobile development
Dare You mobile image
Dare You

Party game to call challenges and respond to them.

Add players and games, group them in teams and play casually with same party with awesome feature of 'continue' game.

Mobile development
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