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Magic Mirror

Pretty sure you have found yourself in a situation when you can't chose one of two hats in a store, or a lipstick color, or want to share the picture of your boyfriend "before" and "after

Mobile development
Voice Remover

Create the audio tracks with suppressed vocals locally on your device. No Internet connection required.

Mobile development
Cafe Management and Location-triggered Events System
Golf Cafe is a system for business allowing to pre-sell goods online, set up user-location triggered events (like video instruction for passing hole on a golf field etc.) and more others.
Mobile development
Encrypted VoIP System
If you are concerned about your business secrets, or the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones, you absolutely must take the steps necessary to protect your sensitive communication.
Mobile development
Babysitter Rush
The idea is as old as parenting and baby-sitting are: keep the little monster for a while for our all good, pass him to the next lucky one when you can't handle it any longer and do it again and again for a circle until the little monster pooped in someone's hands.
Mobile development
Gamze Game

For everyone who is nostalgic for good old games and devices from video games golden age, new return of the classic games of the 90s.

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