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Babysitter Rush
The idea is as old as parenting and baby-sitting are: keep the little monster for a while for our all good, pass him to the next lucky one when you can't handle it any longer and do it again and again for a circle until the little monster pooped in someone's hands.
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Gamze Game

For everyone who is nostalgic for good old games and devices from video games golden age, new return of the classic games of the 90s.

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It might be hard to find one who never heard about Chess play. But have you ever played the opposite game - the Anti Chess or Loser's Chess.
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Face Masher
Face Masher lets you "mash" or morph a photo of you with anyone, whether this is your favorite celebrity, your best friend, family members or even your pet!
Mobile development Drivers and Clients

Application of two parts, for Drivers and Clients, binding together tow truck drivers and people in need of a tow truck. Made for Moscow and whole Russia market.

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Four in Row
Four in Row - one of those games, where a player have to make a line from a set of his pieces. At its core, the game is reminiscent of Tic-Tac-Toe, Renju (Gomoku), Reversi, etc.
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