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Spanish Riddles Pro
In this huge set of more than 1500 riddles, logical puzzles, crosswords and tricky questions everyone can find something to spend a time with benefit and pleasure.
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Der Die Das
Der Die Das - german article guessing game
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English Riddles pro
We all like guess riddles, ask tricky questions and laugh as kids. Our application also can be helpful to everyone learning English as a second language. There are so many riddles, and there are all new and fresh.
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In-door location and way finding system
Built from the ground up on top of the Google Maps platform, the most customizable and versatile indoor location services platform on the planet.
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Nine Rush Collect

Collect symbols from 3x3 play field matching to shown above. Be quick, symbols as well as game riles are changing quicker and quicker. Have fun!

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Doubt Solver
The proposed application is designed to solve multicriteria problems in a complex environment with a hierarchical structure.
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