After conducting a significant number of interviews, I noticed several typical mistakes of candidates. Of course, I'm not a technical specialist, but there are a few things that catch your eye.
The first and most common mistake is NEVER to lie about technical and language skills in your CV. At the interview it will still appear and return to you with a fiasco. This is especially true for English. Think carefully before you specify your level, and it is better to pass an online test.

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The second mistake is to answer briefly and superficially. You will not be able to build a productive conversation if you answer "Yes", "No", and etc. The person who interviews you will not be able to find out what kind of person you Are, what kind of technology stack you actually have, and how suitable you are for this position.

But the most important thing in an interview is the ability to present yourself beautifully. The HR Department should not "pull" information about you. To make an impression, you need to take the initiative and tell as much as possible about yourself, your skills and interests. It is important to talk about your experience and past projects in a very detailed way. Before you go for an interview, try to write a thesis story about yourself, each company asks typical questions (tell us about your experience, why you are looking for a new job, tell us about yourself, etc.) and in any case, you will need such a blank.

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It is also very important to show interest in the company. Before the interview, go to the site, see what the company is doing, what projects have been implemented, etc. During the interview, not only answer questions, but also ask them. Show interest in the job, ask General and clarifying questions, and complete the interview so that you are not the interviewer, but the interviewer himself.

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Another one of the mistakes is a sign of disrespect. In any case, when you get a call about a job, do not say that you do not remember which job you sent the request for. No one needs a candidate who" blindly " makes a mailing list for companies. I think You will also not be happy if HR gets your name mixed up, or the technology stack offering Java when you are JavaScript.

Be polite, do not lie about your skills and most importantly do not worry and be able to present yourself and we will do everything well for you!)



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