What we did?

We've developed the graphical design including logo and style for mobile application, scalable backend application and web application with Java Play! Framework, Bootstrap and jQuery, two native mobile clients: iOS with Swift and Android with Kotlin. 


The result

Golf Cafe is a system of web application (hosted on http://golfcafe.eu) and two mobile clients (native Android written with Kotlin and native iOS written with SWIFT), developed by A5 Mobile Development (a5.ua) and currently we’re looking for design clients and some user feedback. We also would like to make some marketing research. So we want to publish application and do presentations, send advertisement to target audience etc. To secure system we’ve introduced API keys system and user limitations by roles and organizations. Web application users and organization shall be pre-registered by our admin, mobile clients can register themselves via mobile client or use social networks (Google, Facebook) to login. We do not collect and store any user information but email and full name, full name and password can be set user of any value, email will only be used on “password forgot” mechanism and shall be unique for a system.

Join project page on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/Golf-Cafe-by-A5-Mobile-Development-2348268338781938/?modal=admin_todo_tour

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If you plan to build non-standard software system please consider us as a vendor. We traditionally good with complicated solutions designing and implementing, improving existing systems with better mathematical and programming approaches via looking on your problem at new angle.

We are good and experienced in various kinds of IoT systems, in-door positioning and way finding, systems with mobile clients and web applications using geo-location and secure user data. As well as with solutions for real estates sector, collecting and updating listings data via REST protocol. POS systems, restaurant managing solutions with mobile clients are also our realm. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us, even if you don't have a project yet but want to chat about technology - we are always open!

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Get in touch

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