Now the IT industry is changing very much and is suffering from the current situation.
We interviewed more than 20 people from Ukraine and got results on companies that have any problems. Responses were received from completely different sized companies. From less than 10 to more than 1000.

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How did the quarantine affect the work of companies? In 66.7% of cases, there are no problems with remote work in the reality of quarantine. But there are also companies where labor productivity falls -13.3% and there are big problems with organization, motivation, etc. - 20%.

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Each company now has a different number of projects. For 26.7%, there were no changes, and for 40%, the number of projects decreased by 10-40%. The number of percentages increased by 33.4%.

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What is happening to the labor market? 60% of them did not have any changes in their work after the quarantine. But 40% either canceled the increase or cut bonuses, but there are also those who did not have a project or work.

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With the reduction of staff, things are also not very rosy. Although 60% of employers in IT companies do not plan to lay off employees, 40% still plan to reduce the company's staff, which is very disappointing.

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In General, despite the current situation, the mood in the companies is not bad, half of the companies do not panic, everything is stable, and in the second half the atmosphere is a little tense, but the employees hold on.

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In General, not the entire industry has felt the beginning of the crisis, some companies are even growing, so not all are taking decisive steps to reduce the consequences of the fall in the economy. But somewhere 50% felt that the market was shrinking and falling. Some IT companies are lucky to be in popular industries (telemedicine, delivery) – they maintain momentum and sometimes have growth. Companies related to travel and movement are out of luck, and there are tougher cuts.

The main thing in such situations is to remain calm and not spread panic. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, be healthy!


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