We are commonly asked questions like 'how much would it cost to build app like XXX', including applications for cameo.com-inspired app. This article gives a rough estimation on this topic.

”Celebrity/Talent Video Marketplace Website and Mobile Apps"

Tech Proposal and rough estimation.

This paper contains rough time and budget calculation for implementing system “Celebrity/Talent Video Marketplace Website and Mobile Apps” in general case.

Please find below tech proposal, raw estimation in sense of time and materials. Estimation shall not be consider to be anyhow final, shall be concretize and actualized before project start and may differ up to 30% with final estimation and proposal.


- Flutter/Dart proposed for mobile clients (both iOS and Android). Team capacity on this tech - 2 developers, full time.
- NodeJS/PHP proposed to be used on server application side. Team capacity: 2 developers. Alternative: Java/Python, team capacity: 1 developer;
- Web site/application: Angular/HTML5/CSS3, team capacity: 2 developers. Alternative: JQuery/TwitterBootstrap/HTML5/CSS3, team capacity: 1 dev.
- Payment: Depending on clients preferences we can either unify it with some portal like 2checkout or go with google/apple pay, cards processing etc.

Every approach has advantages and disadvantages so we need to discuss it with client more to fit best solution. Depending on client time terms we can make a choice with what alternative to go and what technology to use for server application and web site.
Workflow proposal: 2-weeks SCRUM sprints, 2-3 times a week calls with client <> team (or client <> team representative aka PM), Trello/GitHub issues mobile apps uploading to testing via PlayMarket “beta” program for Android and TestFlight for iOS. Per-milestone payments, dedicated contract for maintenance after project started.


- AWS S3 proposed for video static files hosting (proposed to start with 1 bucket for MVP and scale up if needed);
- AWS EC2 proposed for video processing with FFMPEG (proposed to start with 1 calculation optimized instance and later scale up to cluster);
- AWS EC2 proposed for web application and web site hosting, two medium AWS Linux/Ubuntu instances with application server on choice (Apache HTTPD, Netty etc.) + load balancer. On same instances micro services with REST interface for mobile clients serving.
- RDS database for user data storage, 1 instance.
- GitHub/BitBucket for code storage.
Alternative MVP hosting: 2 DigitalOcean Ubuntu instances, one for video processing and storage, one for service REST servers for mobile apps and web application.


1. Cases and requirements written by Business Analytic: 1-2 weeks (depending on detalisation), 1000 USD; Deliverables: documentation.
2. Project Architecture blueprints, mobile clients and web site wireframes production: 2 weeks, 2000 USD; Deliverables: documentation and wireframes
3. UI/UX works on web site and mobile apps: 1 week, 2000 USD (2 designers required, web and mobile requires different approaches, knowledge bases etc.) Deliverables: Sketch/Figma files. On this point client shall “sign” the final mockups and wireframes.
4. Backend basic features development for user registrations/ authentication, video upload/processing and serving to REST/web app. 2-3 weeks, depending on number of developers 2000-4000 USD; Deliverables: code on git, staging severs deployment;
5. Mobile application MVP (app skeleton with custom UI themas/controls, user authentication, user profile etc.) 2-3 weeks, depending on number of developers 3000-5000 USD; Deliverables: code on git, testing apps shared via TestFlight and Google PlayMarket Beta program.
6. Backend improvement with REST features, video streaming/ processing/ storing on cloud. 2-3 weeks, depending on number of developers 2000-4000 USD; Deliverables: code on git, staging severs deployment;
7. Web site improvement to “public beta”. 3-4 weeks, 3000-4000 USD; Deliverables: code on git, staging severs deployment;
8. Mobile apps improvement to “public beta”. 3-4 weeks, depending on number of developers 3000-5000 USD; Deliverables: code on git, testing apps shared via TestFlight and Google PlayMarket Beta program.
9. In-depth system components QA including load and penetration testing of servers, manual testing of mobile clients etc. Deliverables: reports, issues sets in issue tracker. 1 week, 1000 USD;
10. Bug fixing, 1-2 weeks, free of charge for bugs, additional agreement for changes and improvements;
11. Deploy and publishing all system components, documentations etc. 1 week, depending on number of developers 1000-2000 USD; 12. Code and applications transition. 1 week, free of charge.


As we can see calculation for proposed team/roles (part time business analytic, part time UI/UX designer, part time QA and system architect, full time backend developer (1 or 2), full time web developer, full time mobile developer (1 or 2)) we have 20-27 weeks and 20-30 K USD.

Please feel free to contact me any time towards this document at any time via our site contact form, via email info@a5.ua or via social networks https://www.linkedin.com/company/22289152/ or https://www.facebook.com/a5.ua.md/

Thank you and wish you the great success with the project!

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