How it’s made: Image to Speech application.

In this article we describe how the application “Image to Speech” was made. Some code hints and documentation links . Application reads aloud and saves to audio track any text on image you give it and based on Google’s Cloud ML technology. Application built with Flutter framework using Dart language and available for free on Google PlayMarket and Apple AppStore.

Integration of android .aar library in Flutter project

Imagine that you have already completed a flutter project, and here the client tells you that he has a ready Android project that he wants to add to the flutter project. Here you have two ways. Completely rewrite the Android application to the flutter or import it into the flutter project, which we will do.
For example, I will use the application Chat-bot.
So let's open Android Studio and create a new one Flutter project.

Problem Solving as a Technique

Found absolutely gorgeous article dedicated to problem solving techniques: read this original article or find some teether here below.

Most interested for us as for software developers is part where developing algorithms steps and stages are formalised. So, from this prospective,

steps involved in algorithm development are:


Estimation/Planning Fallacy

Our very dear customer has a nice article published, dedicated to  Planning Fallacy. As software developers we constantly struggling it here so this article does really ring a bell for us. Please find short version here, for the full version go to original post, for definition of a problem please read the wiki article.


Weekly Puzzle#3: Problem solving

Write a program, solving problem below in any new for you language:

There are 1000 lockers in a high school with 1000 students. The
problem begins with the first student opening all 1000 lockers; next
the second student closes lockers 2,4,6,8,10 and so on to locker 1000;
the third student changes the state (opens lockers closed, closes
lockers open) on lockers 3,6,9,12,15 and so on; the fourth student


Weekly Puzzle#2: Guess, what this code does?

Can you guess what this code in Swift does?

func secretFunction(of num: Int) -> Int {
if num == 1 {
return 1
} else {
return num * secretFunction(of:num - 1)


Weekly Puzzle#1: Guess, what this code does?

No copy-past and compilation, please! Try to understand, what this Java code does just reading it. Be honest with yourself, cheaters die along :)

// Java program to print ***
public class Secret
public static void main(String[] args)
String str = "ABC";
int n = str.length();
Secret secret = new Secret();
secret.doYourDance(str, 0, n-1);


Using try-with-resource statement working with BufferedReader in Java

Working with BufferedReader and it's variants in Java was always a bit of a pain: developers need to not to forget close it and do the IOException handing doing it, not to mention about bunch of null-checks. Otherwise you program work could be interrupted with the most surprising and unpleasant way possible.
Prior the Java 7 we had to do smth. like this:

String readFirstLineFromFileWithFinallyBlock(String path)

Android P at the First Glance

Android 9 (Pie) available for developer preview! We've spent some time playing around and this is what we've found out.