Mobile development
English Proverbs
This huge set of almost 4 000 English sayings and proverbs must be the bigger collection ever released on mobile! You can mark proverbs as "Favorite" and filter them by some text.
Mobile development
SeaLife Rescue 2
For fans of match-3-style games, we've got one with a cute aquatic theme. It gives you the match-3-style gameplay that you are familiar with yet is entertaining and fresh-feeling thanks to its rather cute and unexpected theme that is carried throughout the game.
Mobile development
iColoring Book
iColoring Book is the application for coloring images. It's all about it but not the everything about it :)
Mobile development
Insider Stocks
This app scans for stocks with recent insider buys and selects the ones most likely to rise. The selection algorithm, perfected over many years, takes into account transaction size, number of insiders, current trend and stock’s performance after similar situations in the past.
Mobile development
Magic Mirror

Pretty sure you have found yourself in a situation when you can't chose one of two hats in a store, or a lipstick color, or want to share the picture of your boyfriend "before" and "after

Mobile development
Voice Remover

Create the audio tracks with suppressed vocals locally on your device. No Internet connection required.

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