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Nine Rush Collect

Collect symbols from 3x3 play field matching to shown above. Be quick, symbols as well as game riles are changing quicker and quicker. Have fun!

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Doubt Solver
The proposed application is designed to solve multicriteria problems in a complex environment with a hierarchical structure.
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Ukrainian Riddles (UA)
Set of more than 1000 Ukrainian riddles with answers, grouped into 10 categories: food, human, everyday life, work, nature, misc, free time, sport, transport and school.
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Funny and Clever
Feel sad and lost? Come on, the two friends - Funny and Clever - will help you on it! Joke from Funny and wise proverb from Clever - this is what you need! We're glad to propose you the collection of over 1000 pairs of jokes and proverbs paired in this application
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Clever Tags
Clever way to manage your notes. App allows you to manage notes, tasks and ideas in a convenient and easy way: recognizes date, time and other patterns in text while you're writing it and builds links to Calendar and other applications on your Android.
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CD Calculator

CD Calculator is an application for everyone who wants to understand the types of loans and deposits, as well as calculate, see payment schedules, overpayments, net profit, description of loans and

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