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Temperature Tracking IoT System
System consists of iOS and Android mobile clients. Application pairs with users's temperature tracking wristband, measures temperature, collects statistics data, sending it to cloud and alarms used in case of abnormal user's temperature.
Mobile development

System to help your professional growth: helps customers give and workers collect instant and honest reviews of the services offered.

If you're a worker: 

Mobile development
Dare You mobile image
Dare You

Party game to call challenges and respond to them.

Add players and games, group them in teams and play casually with same party with awesome feature of 'continue' game.

Mobile development
Russian Riddles (RU)
In our application you will find not a unique, but voluminous collection (more than 1000) of the most diverse puzzles, both from Russian folklore and from everyday life.
Mobile development
Japanese poetry Pro
In our app you will find a collection of more than 1200 poems. You will get acquainted with the style and biography of famous poets such as Basho, Issa, Akiko Yosano, Ryokan and other
Mobile development
Indovinelli per Bambini
Our application "Indovinelli per bambini" is made for our very small but very valuable players, for our kids
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