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Vika Mukoseeva Vika Mukoseeva.
QA engineer.
I'm openminded, eager and sincere, love to do things I never done before.
I love testing and testing love me :)
"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." This is my true.

Eugene Sotnikov Eugene Sotnikov.
Android developer.
I love not only Android platform, I'm also interested in development for Windows Phone, WPF.
Like mushroom, chopping wood and skiing.

Alexander Kisel Alexander Kisel.
iOS developer.
When I was a child I dreamed of being a programmer, because of great love to video games.
I realized that programming is something more then just making games. And thus my interest grew even more.
Being a student I was interesting in different programming languages, but the real pleasure I got using Objective-C only.
That's why I've decided to become an iOS developer.

Olga Korokhina Olga Korokhina.
AIR/Java developer.
10 years in software development.
Adobe platform guru, Java-newbie, Python-enthusiast etc.
Writing Flex-blog for years.
Big fan of traveling and language learning, likes to swim and to read Pelevin's books. Hates games (because of all the time lost).
Mac head and mother of two.

Andrew Stoyaltsev Andrew Stoyaltsev.
Android/Java developer.
"I am a person with a lot of interests. I'm keen on everything what has to do with the space and an ancient history. In my leisure time I prefer the recreation in a company of my good friends or doing sports. Moreover, I'm a proud daddy of a gorgeous baby!
I believe the mobile development has a perspecitve future, and that's why I go for it!"

Alexander Ptitsyn Alexander Ptitsyn.
Android/Java developer.
Young blood of our team - student of National University.
Plays table tenis, big fan of heavy rock music, alternative with female vocal.
Has some development experience with Microsoft platform.

Nikolay Skazhenik Nikolay Skazhenik.
Android UI/UX developer, Designer.
As a designer Nikolay interested in visual arts, as a developer he is a big fan of pixel-perfect GUIs in mobile applications.
Roller-skates and photo-shooting, sometimes at the same time (this is noticeable in some of his pictures)
Likes sports and good weather.