We combine both product development and outsourcing. Amount our customers we're proud to mention several major European aircraft companies, American hospitals and stadiums, real estate agencies, Israel military-grade VoIP company. For more information about technologies we're good with please visit Technology page.

Out of respect to many NDAs signed, we prefer to keep projects and names of our recent customers in secret. On this page mentioned projects, developed as internal projects and published under our company profiles.

We have developed over 50 mobile applications and we are proud all of them. But some we would like to mention as an example or proof of our skills.
One of the most strong said of our team is developing and improving algorithms. The good example is our looser's chess game,


It might be hard to find one who never heard about Chess play. But have you ever played the opposite game - the Anti Chess or Loser's Chess. Not many heard about this Chess variation but even less know about verity of Anti-chess rules. we found five: Antichess, Loser's Chess, Giveaway Chess, Suicide Chess, Kamikadze. Probably there are more. In first version of out game we implemented the Loser's Chess rules only - but we are not about to stop here. We plan to add more with time.

  1. - Two themes;
  2. - Ability to undo your last move;
  3. - Ability to highlighting possible moves;
  4. - 5 languages: English, German, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian;
The great example of humor and attention to details as well as good concept is our endless runner game,

Hipster vs Yobs

This game is as good as the real life: you're the young Hipster and you're on your way back from Italian Speaking Club, or after Anonymous Crocheters meeting, no matters. What does matter is that you aren't the only one wondering these streets this Saturday night, God damn you aren't! Streets are full with Yobs and you need to pass another 69 blocks to get home... Use whatever you can to fight your principals: Muffler, Vinil, Selfy-stick, devices and even Mr. Cat. 11 types of weapons, next even more fun to use then previous- use them against 4 types of enemies. Drink Coffee to get faster and eat Muffin to get stronger.

Game is an endless runner with hidden and open achievements- compete your friends all over the world.
Great example of pixel-perfect, pleasant UI, is our coloring book,

iColoring Book

iColoring Book is the application for coloring images. It's all about it but not the everything about it :) Every coloring has the "Master Copy" and the more you coloring is alike it the more points you can win! You can select the "Relax" mode and enjoy the unhurried coloring or select the "Play" mode and be engaged in competition with another players all around the globe via Game Center. From the box and totally for free you get the set of 23 colorings and 20 palettes for 8 colors in each.

Share your masterpieces to FaceBook, Twitter or VK, print it out in paper or send via email- you're limited with your imagination only!
Yet another nice iOS application, post cards designer

Sign Me Up

Sign Me Up is an easy-to-use tool for both iPad and iPhone for compilation together images, frames and texts. It can be used in a several fun and useful ways: you can create a season greetings card with your photo and text and post it via email to your special, compile the announcement about some event (wedding, baby shower or just a party) and share to social network (we support Facebook, Twitter and VK so far) to your followers. Catch your teacher during the class and create the best "demotivator" or add a fancy frames and texts to your vocation photos and print them out in paper.

And also don't neglect our "Random Frame", "Random Text" and "Random Photo" features! The combination of any of your frame, image and text never be the same but always be funny!

Project codename "Salon"

is the demo application for our booking portal. Easily customizable for hair salon, nail studio, barbershop and local small businesses providing several services of several employees. Businesses register themselves and use system via subscription model. Integrated payment system, Yelp reviews as a part of rating systems and Google Places for local businesses verification on registration and search for businesses nearby.

Ability to register new business, add credit card, set list of services provided, add employees, their skills and working hours, vocation tracker etc. etc.
Portal written with Java and can be customized for your needs.

Full list of applications can be found on company profiles pages on Play Market and App Store.