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Savines-le-lac - Ambassadeurs
The schedule of events and a maximum reduction in your pocket
Mobile development
Temperature Tracking IoT System
System consists of iOS and Android mobile clients. Application pairs with users's temperature tracking wristband, measures temperature, collects statistics data, sending it to cloud and alarms used in case of abnormal user's temperature.
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Binfinity Signup
Snaprove™ uses the latest technologies for a smooth identity verification and online authentication of Binfinity customers while ensuring that mandatory checks keep you compliant with regulatory requirements.
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Fin-Tech RKYC Wizard
The SnaproveEasy app allows to perform a remote KYC data collection for a company that is subscribed to the services of SnapSwap (
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Spanish Riddles Pro
In this huge set of more than 1500 riddles, logical puzzles, crosswords and tricky questions everyone can find something to spend a time with benefit and pleasure.
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Der Die Das
Der Die Das - german article guessing game
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