What we did?

Used Google Cloud text recognition, translation and TTS services.

Our Team
Dart Max, Dart Vitaly
Machine Learning

The result

On the result if this project our Flutter team learned new technologies, we published an article on company blog and LinkedIn, code available in a public repository so we supported the Flutter community as well.

Vote for this application on Best Mobile Application competition: https://bestmobileappawards.com/app-submission/image-to-speech


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If you plan to build non-standard software system please consider us as a vendor. We traditionally good with complicated solutions designing and implementing, improving existing systems with better mathematical and programming approaches via looking on your problem at new angle.

We are good and experienced in various kinds of IoT systems, in-door positioning and way finding, systems with mobile clients and web applications using geo-location and secure user data. As well as with solutions for real estates sector, collecting and updating listings data via REST protocol. POS systems, restaurant managing solutions with mobile clients are also our realm. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us, even if you don't have a project yet but want to chat about technology - we are always open!

Richard Lundh Luleå Sweden
Richard Lundh
Luleå Sweden

'Live text recognition in flutter' project.

Developer delivered a text recognition function for our flutter app within the expected time and below budget. He or his agency was always available for questions and made it clear they were willing to go the extra mile to meet our targets. I would hire him again and I would highly recommend you send him a message if you are looking for work done in flutter.

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