Algorithms are back!

Starting mid of September our internal 10-sessions course "Algorithms and Data Structures" are back! Sign up if you want to improve your understanding of search, trees, Dijkstra's algorithm etc.
Unique possibility to learn from experience, not in theory only. Course held in Russian.
Course consists of 10 sessions covering following topics:
  1. Introduction: history, terms, basic definitions of Algorithms. Complicity of algorithms.
  2. Data Structures: classifications, basic structures, operations etc.
  3. Trees. Heap. Binary search, balancing etc.
  4. Red-Black-Trees.
  5. Greedy algorithm. Shannon–Fano algorithm of Compression. Hoffman algorithm.
  6. Stable sorting algorithms: Bubble Sort, Cocktail sort, Tree Sort, Bucket sort, Insertion sort
  7. Unstable sorting algorithms: Quicksort, Shell sort, Comb sort, Stooge sort, Merge sort
  8. Search Part 1: linear search, binary search, String search (Z-Functions)
  9. Search Part 2: Dijkstra Graph search.
  10. Search Part 3: A* algorithm,