We love technology, that's why we work in software development.
We're good in Java, ObjectiveC and SWIFT.
Our Android developers mastered following skills:

  • Android SDK, Java core, OOP, networking, multithreading, ORMs;
  • REST API (Retrofit 2), GSON;
  • Glide, Admob, Firebase analytics;
  • Google Maps API, Camera API, Google play services, Google support library;
  • SQLite, Sugar ORM, Room ORM, ActiveAndroid ORM;
  • In-door positioning with beacons; bluetooth API;
  • SDK development and integration principles;

We're often asked to provide our Android code snippets and there they are:

JEE and R-n-D team good at:

  • Application performance examination and improvement;
  • APIs design and implementation;
  • Adapters for exotic protocols (RETS etc.);
  • Server-Client architecture design;
  • SDKs, protocols and frameworks reverse-engineering;
  • Social networks API integration

iOS/OS X developers are best at:

  • Working with REST and Soap;
  • Core Kits (UIKit, MapKit etc);
  • Purchases and Notifications;
  • Google Maps API, CameraKit, Publishing apps to AppStore, versioning and update;
  • ORM and user preferences;
  • In-door positioning with beacons; bluetooth API;
  • SDK development and integration principles;

Mission and Testimonials

- Who you are and what is your mission?

We are a5 - a mobile platforms oriented software vendor from Ukraine. We are here because we believe, that mobile applications can change and will change the way we live, play and work shortly and we want to be part of these changes.

Our world changes quickly and constantly. New ideas, new technologies and new platforms arise daily. New, strange and fancy things of today will be the standards of tomorrow. We want to ecquire new technologies and give a birth to new ideas. We want to make pixel-perfect design and clear, user-friendly applications you will enjoy.

We want to be proud of every aspect of our job: how we communicate with each other, how we treat our customers, how we learn, how we work and how we play. We were on a long journey before came on this stage- and we know that you were as well. We respect you and want to win your respect.

- Our mission is to develop with joy and professional commitment.

- Why should we deal with you guys?

"A key to good development is finding someone who understands challenges that a client might have and are able to work with the limitations, while not being shy to suggest improvements. The team at has both understood and been dedicated at delivering modern solutions, that with many teams would have been brushed off as just visionary. is the kind of partner I would have no qualms of working together with again on the next exciting project."
- Morten Zetlitz,

"From start to finish completed everything, and even helped after the app was completed! Brilliant and I would recommend, and will also definitely use their services again! Thankyou! :)"
- Sean Krikor, iDubber

"a5 team is the perfect example of a company commitment to their clients and the value of supporting them. We are having an amazing time working together. Management and the programming department guys are working fast, reliable, provide test-builds frequently, and are always there available to talk and co-operate."
- Milios Athanasios, milky | creative solutions

"Excellent work, great communication, very detail oriented, will make your project a working reality, very knowledgeable group."
- John S., MspInc

"Great work fast and responsive."
- webmarketingpartners

"Clear communication, good sqlite skills."
- Chris Parnin

City and Office

We live in Kharkiv, the heart of Ukrainian IT industry. Proud to show you our home:

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